Program Overview

14581499_1159296220829440_3984847536761330648_nSweat (additional cost when applicable)

                  Come join us while we get our sweat on and enjoy the natural beauty that Colorado has to offer! “Sweat creates opportunities to explore hiking trails, rafting, swimming, yoga, climbing, fitness classes, boxing and more to get your heart pumping and endorphins flowing!




H.I.R.E. Helping Individuals Retain Employment (no additional cost)

This class offers individuals the opportunity to enhance the interpersonal skills necessary for obtaining and retaining employment.  We will teach our members and mentors skills needed to create a resume, interview, market oneself, resolve conflict in the workplace, ask for a promotion or raise, as well as access to a variety of industries in which you may want to work.


Skills (additional cost for groceries may apply)

Back to basics.  “Skills” will teach individuals the important skills and necessary tools to promote independence in daily life.  Through applied teaching in social and community settings, teens
and adults will gain knowledge around money management, how to access public transportation, menu planning, grocery shopping, laundry, healthy-cooking, relationships, hygiene, and more.



Create (additional cost may apply for materials when applicable)

Challenge the right side of your brain and show off your creative side by attending various activities    in the arts!  Music, theater, dance, woodworking, sewing, art – find your passion!


Explore (additional cost for admissions when applicable)

”Explore” provides opportunities for members and mentors to venture out and experience something new and exciting.  From movies to amusement parks, horseback riding in nature to the wonderment of museums – the world is your oyster!