Our purpose is to fight potential isolation, depression, unemployment and risk factors related to quality of life.  We do this through developing meaningful relationships, independent living skills, employment, exploration and engagement in a range of leisure activities, recreational outings and exposure to various hobbies.  Social and communication skills are fostered and facilitated throughout all activities and interactions.  Member’s interests, strengths and abilities drive choice of activities, friendships, work skills and classes.  We train peers and mentors to guide and welcome members into a place they can call their own.

Core beliefs and values

  • All members are treated with respect and dignity
  • Positive relationships, a sense of belonging, regular participation in enjoyable leisure and recreational activities and meaningful paid employment are critical to high quality of life
  • Importance of self-determination, autonomy and senses of responsibility
  • Employment in meaningful jobs can lessen autism symptoms and increase collateral skills

Teens and young adults with autism can:

  • Work in competitive employment
  • Build friendships
  • Continue to develop and learn new skills
  • Belong and be an active member in a community, which greatly affects one’s sense of self-determination